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Millennium Square

Project Details

Saransk, Russia
26,870 m2
750 m2

Millennium Square, which has become one of the main attractions of Saransk. The modern area of ​​thirty thousand square meters, “dressed” in a multi-colored paving stones with national patterns, is a recreational area in a European style with greenery, benches and a mass of unique structures.The main decoration of the square is considered one of the highest in Russia Fountain “Star of Mordovia”, which is based on a solar sign consisting of a national design because of the magnitude of the fully visible only from above. The jets of water rising to forty meters in height, LED backlit high-tech equipment, which has the ability to transmit holographic images on a water screen in the center of the fountain.In addition to the fountain in Millennium Square attracts a huge stone, which bears a map of X century and pendant with the sign of Rurik Kelginskogo burial. This finding confirms the long history of the Mordovian people.Open Gallery shopping pavilions with underground parking goes upstairs glass domes “Atrium” with a diameter of 5 m., Illuminated at night.

Work Description:

The basic excavation, main drainage line installations, foundation, infrastructural concreteand formworks